About Me

I am a student at Oregon State University in the process of obtaining my Bachelors of Science in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences with a degree in Nutrition and an option in Dietetics. If I’m not studying I am usually busy involving myself at work or spending time with friends and family. I work at a cafe on campus and nanny a one and half-year-old. I love cooking and baking and experimenting with recipes. I have another job at a senior continuing care retirement community. I enjoy working with the older residents and have developed wonderful relationships with them. We provide meals that cater to MyPlate requirements and residents specific food needs and/or allergies. I have volunteered with the Linus Pauling Healthy Youth Program doing “Fresh Grown Cooking for Kids”. I worked with children ranging from ages 6-12, teaching them basic cooking skills and showing them how to cook seasonally and nutritiously. The goals of the program include, “Providing educational and activity programs to school children and their families and instill healthful diet and lifestyle habits into our youth, thereby helping them maintain a healthy body weight and stave off chronic disease into adulthood.” Volunteering gives me the chance to work with children with a thoroughly enjoy. Other activities I enjoy involve traveling and experiencing other cultures, cooking and baking, doing any outdoor activities and spending quality time with people I love.


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